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The Worst Person I Met Today on the Internet.

Posted: July 8, 2010 by 2 Guys, 1 Blog in Roasts

Since I’ve only started my blog, my initial goal has been to attract viewers, whether that means posting on forums, leaving comments for other bloggers, or perhaps even performing illicit sexual favors.  Today, in pursuit of said goal, I casually posted on the forum of a site that I frequent, but have rarely used the forums of.  Luckily the Administer informed me that a thread already existed to share personal blogs (although I got a lot more views by starting a brand new one).

But for one infernonachos, a simple correction was not enough.  He wrote a small story, with the synopsis being “go fuck yourself, no just kidding I’ll word-fuck you real quick.”  Its as if I were a small child wandering through Wal-Mart, looking for my mother, scared and afraid, and infernonachos saw me there…  At first he thought to himself… “That little boy looks lost, it would be just oh so exquisite for a large hairy man to swoop in and molest him.”  But after he saw someone try to help, he knew his chance was slipping away.  So instead he took it upon himself to molest the little boy.

So how does one become like said child molester.  After extensive research, I have developed what I feel is an accurate profile of Mr. infernonachos:

infernonachos is a textbook fuckhead.  His general demeanor is snide/snarky, as evidenced by his meticulous story telling followed by an abrupt “fuck you.”  It generally follows that this type of humorless faggotry is one of the classic symptoms of micropenis syndrome, a serious illness that is exactly what you think it is.  I can only assume that it is this deformity that caused him to question his sexuality.  Surely his profile picture can only the result of a strange boy who simply decided to combine the facial features of both a man and a woman to better characterize his inner sexual identity.

I intend to feature a poll regarding the gender identity of this  person. Now there is nothing funny about a poor fuckhead with a small penis who is confused about his sexuality, whose personality is clearly as attractive as the photo of the transvestite he uses as his profile picture, but you have to understand, that this is a person who has had no friends other his dad/uncle (same guy) and his pet goldfish Robert (named after his mother).

With this background, is there any wonder that he chooses the individual who he sees as the most vulnerable to molest?  I think not.


2 responses

  1. not infernonachos

    Yeah, fuck that guy.

    July 10, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    • 2 Guys, 1 Blog

      Dude…I love you.

      July 10, 2010 at 10:44 pm

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