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Spain Hoists World Cup Trophy! MVP Goes to Paul the Octopus

What a ride for Spain.  They lost their opening match to Switzerland.  That’s right, they lost to the country that other countries bring their money to because they have relatively no reputation other than nothing happens there.  That being said, they did something that no one expected them to, and that is become the first team to win the World Cup after losing their first game.  Okay well I guess someone expected them to:

If only I had him around when I had to decide between girls and comic books so he could have punched me in the face and told me to grow a sack

That’s right.  Paul picked every team.  Every damn one.  But while most people may have been able to analyze the teams and picked the better ones, it seems that when Paul picks a team, they BECOME the better team.  Its uncanny.  He picked Spain, and I could imagine many level-headed sports analysts picking them, but there are two reasons that Paul’s situation blows my mind and others don’t.  For starters, Paul is an octopus, a creature not known for its higher reasoning abilities.  Second, Spain scored the latest goal in World Cup history, the 117th minute in extra time.  There were literally no indicators on who would win the game until Spain pulled a goal out of their ass on a broken play.  Maybe they were the better team, but they weren’t better enough to win it in normal time, and Paul was the edge they needed.

Haven't you ever wondered why Vincente NEVER looks worried? Him and Paul were roomates in college according to many sources in my head

The only thing Paul didn’t do for Spain was put on shin-guards and play world class defense with all 8 tentacles.  Forget Sergio Ramos.  Forget David Villa.  Forget Puyol.  Give it up for Paul the Octopus.