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HIV Vaccine: The Biggest News You Haven’t Heard About

I know the Lebron story was pretty riveting, and Lindsay Lohan’s shenanigans are always entertaining, but I’m going to have to call timeout really quick and direct your attention to this story:  Researchers have recently found two powerful antibodies that are capable of neutralizing 91 percent of all HIV strains.  According to scientists and researchers, this is proof that an AIDS can succeed.  YAY LEBRON ITS SO AWESOME YOU’RE GOING TO THE HEAT!  Now ESPN and probably CNN will most likely spend the next 2 or so weeks analyzing the analization of the analyzers on what this means for the sports world, but lets talk real world quick.

I know you hate to hear this Lindsay, but there are more important issues in the world than yours. See below.

There is no joke to this picture.

There is a vaccine, that exists today that has the potential to neutralize 91 percent of all HIV strains.  That’s right.  Not trying to make you all feel guilty, unless of course you work for any respectable news agency, then you should probably feel guilty.  Get your shit together and give me some real news.  You could start with news of a vaccine that could end up saving over 30 million people.  That is all.