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Game Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Ever since November of 2007, when both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Halo 3 were released and all of your friends skipped class or called in sick to work, the video game industry has been trying to put together the perfect shooter.  Some people like different things in a shooter.  Some like customization, some like realism, some like cooperative modes, and some like great campaign modes.  Every major game publisher has been trying to throw these aspects together in different proportions to craft the perfect shooter.  Some recipes have come out like a gourmet meal cooked to perfection, and some have come out about as well as that Swanson T.V. dinner you accidentally put in the microwave for an hour and only realized it was being burnt because it started smelling worse than your apartment does normally.  One thing that has been a point of emphasis has been multiplayer, because the only thing less pathetic than playing by one’s self is playing with a bunch of people that one doesn’t know and listening to them argue with their mom about why their basement smells like a combination of boys locker room and weed.  And lets face it if you bought this game for the single player you probably also buy shoes because of how they look in your closet and are therefore either a girl or a fucking idiot.  No offense to girls or fucking idiots.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will not disappoint.  The multiplayer is one of the most fun experiences one can have online outside of drunken chat roulette, but even better because rather than watching a hairy forty year old strip, you get to look at a beautiful environment that is all the more beautiful because you can destroy every last inch of it.  Sure shooting through walls in Call of Duty is fun, but unless you have a tank, that sniper in the tower is probably just going to back off long enough to reload and headshot you anyway.  The makers of BBC2 fixed that right quick, by actually giving you an M1A1.  You might think that in a multiplayer game, having a tank would unbalance the gameplay completely, but after about the first week the game came out it became pretty clear to everyone that while tanks are nice, riding in one is like walking down the streets of Kabul with a Team America t-shirt on in that you can expect everyone with an RPG (and lots of people have em) to turn you to ground beef ASAP.

Oh did I mention that the graphics are pretty good too...

Besides vehicles and destructible environments, BBC2 boasts some of the biggest maps of any first person shooter out there.  Rush mode features maps that literally require vehicles if you hope to make it all the way across the map. Groups of 4 people form squads that can split up to take different objectives with a genuinely tactical approach.  You’re squad stays fairly close together, and you’re able to spawn near any living member of you’re squad, which allows the attacking group to apply constant pressure.

2 squad mates attempting to dodge tank fire...

While BBC2 doesn’t exactly boast the customization of Call of Duty or Rainbow Six, there are enough unlockables to keep most people busy.  If you really want more, you can probably go buy a GI Joe and dress it up like the character you made on Modern Warfare 2 right before you joined the game and didn’t blow up buildings with a helicopter.

The guys at Word on the Street are going to give Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a 17 out of 10 on the How does it compare to Modern Warfare? scale, and a solid 4.5 out of 5 for being the best online and probably pure shooter of the year.  That’s what we think, what about you?


2 responses

  1. Hey, just checked out your blog and am glad I did so! I hadn’t read a BF review before, so this was informative for me. More importantly, the writing style was interesting enough for me to read all of it.

    By the way, will you be covering only “mainstream” games or also plan to review less popular/Indie games as well? I know those would be pretty helpful, at least for me, since I don’t check them out from any specific site at the moment.

    Anyway, bookmarking your blog and hope to check it out from time to time!

    July 8, 2010 at 11:50 am

    • 2 Guys, 1 Blog

      Hey thanks for the feedback, we do plan to review indie games, but since we just started out we wanted to start with something mainstream. We hope to get a little pre-release stuff too. Thanks for asking! I’ll be hitting up your blog as well.

      July 8, 2010 at 5:51 pm

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